The Kit

The educational kit for primary schools

The educational kit

The Solly educational kit consists out of 5 main parts

  • A system of toy-robots, called the Solly system
  • Teaching materials such as teachers manuals and assignment books for the children
  • A digital environment, in which all children and teachers get an online account
  • The educational videogame, in which children will build their own green planet
  • The story, which ties all the aspects together


The toy-robots allow children to generate, transport, accumulate and use energy in an active, playful way. It all starts with Solly, the sun-eating robot. He can ‘eat’ solar rays with the solar panels in his mouth. The Letty-robot can illuminate using the solar power from Solly. The energy collected by Solly can be transferred to Letty directly, using the flow-cable, or accumulated using the battery-belly. See the explanatory video about this basic system.

The robots from the basic system can be interchanged with other robots. Solly for example can be replaced by Windy, a wind-energy robot. Letty can be replaced by for example Venty, the ventilator robot, which uses energy to move air. All robots can be linked together using the flow-cables. Therefore, a the system can keep growing and stay challenging and fun for children of all ages.

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Teaching materials

The teachers manual explains exactly how the innovative aspects of the system can be used in the classroom. Following the manual, any teacher can give the perfect science lesson with the educational kit. Ofcourse any teacher can make adaptations to fit their own class. Besides the teachers manual the teaching materials consists out of assignment-books, and in-depth learning cards for the children. The educational kit stimulates the teaching of 21st century skills; A number of competencies and skills that are necessary to thrive in our ever changing modern society.

The teaching materials consists out of:

  • A teachers manual
  • Assignment books for the children
  • In-depth learning cards

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The digital environment

In the digital environment teachers and children have acces to their account. The digital environment does not only offer simple tools for the teachers but also enables children to engage in extra learning materials on their own.

Through the child-accounts children can read out information that the robots have stored on their internal chips. This way, children can gain insight in the amount of energy collected by the robot at different times and link this to the weather. The account also allows children to make their assignments digitally, with which they can earn Solly points. Next to this, the children receive digital Solly points according to the amount of energy they have collected with their robot.

The teacher can acces his/her account to view the progress of the children and start the digital lesson-aid. The teacher can add new questions per child to personalise the teaching.

The Digital environment consists out of 3 main parts:

  • Digital lesson-aid
  • Teacher Accounts
  • Children Accounts

The educational Solly video game

In the game every class can build their own green planet. The children can use their earned Solly points to buy materials to help the building. At the start of the game, the planet is barren, which means that the children also need to build a liveable atmosphere. Therefore a lot of learning goals considering nature are met in the game. The robots they know from the kit expand even further in the videogame. The game is designed in such a way that, in order to expand more quickly, the children must make the connection to the real world.

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The story

The story binds the different aspects of the kit seamlessly to one another. The story is the first introduction of the robots but also continues in the videogame and the assignments. Next to this, the story forms an easy and fun manual for the children to work with. The story is about a space alien that looks at the earth and realises that we are not doing so well. He builds the robots to help us to not use the power from the evil power sockets on the walls. The children must help him to test his robots and examine how they work (best).

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