Our Mission

We dream of a world where everyone lives responsibly with their environment. As our environment is increasingly more technological, we believe it is important for everyone to know how this technology works and what the impact can be. We believe technology is a blessing when used responsibly. Instead of trying to change behaviour, we want to start at the core and teach the right mindset straight away, at a young age. We want to do this in the most fun and constructive way possible. By teaching kids the right knowledge and engage them with a fun experience, we believe we can create a new responsible, green generation!

The Team

The Solly company was founded by Teun van Roessel who quickly teamed up with development partner Ephi BV. Ephi BV is an product design firm with expertise on electronics, mechatronics and product design services (visit website). Be sure to visit their website if you are looking to bring your product (idea) to market!

Teun van Roessel


The Solly System was created by Teun as a master graduation project at the University of Technology Eindhoven.

Bowling Karapun

Technical genius

As owner of partner Ephi BV, Bowling addresses the technological business. Mechanicas, electronics and (embedded) software are like a walk in the park for Bowling.

Thomas Paauwe

Financial man

This co-owner of Ephi BV takes care of all non-technical stuff. He brings structure and makes sure the administration is in good order.

Jur Herweijer

Mechanical Design

Whether you use screws, glue or nails, Jur makes sure it is embedded perfectly in the design. With a keen eye for detail Jur give the robots their final shape.

Thijs van Loon

Mechanical Design

The craziest ideas are brought to life by Thijs, he has made the Solly robot to what it is today

Anne Fleuren

Educational Expert

Anne knows all there is to know about didactic strategies. She makes sure that all the fun experiences are also teaching the right things to the children. The documents she writes, make it fun and easy to teach the perfect lesson of science.

Maarten Demandt


The coding of the accounts and the website you are looking at right now are done by Maarten and his crew. He makes sure all ICT of the system works like a charm.

Stijn Mattaar


The fact that all these beautiful light are doing what they have to do is thanks to Stijn. He makes an art out of placing little components on a printed circuit board.


There are different interns active within our company. Are you looking for an internship in a young, fun company where you can really make a difference? Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or mail to info@hetsollysysteem.nl with the question of your internship. We are always looking for interns in the fields of: communication, marketing, industrial design, programming and (game) artists.

Solly Media Overzicht



Contact & forms

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