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Learning about sustainability was never this much fun. Explore, investigate and create in a responsible way from a young age on. Collect your own solar power and earn tokens with Solly the sun-eating robot. Or use old materials such as cardboard and old plastic to create your own interactive robot with BYOR (Build Your Own Robot)!

Solly and BYOR are educational toys that are being used in different educational environments as well as being available for home use.

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Solly the sun-eating robot

It all starts with Solly, the sun-eating robot. He can ‘eat’ solar rays with the solar panels in his mouth. Children can collect their own solar energy using Solly. The energy that Solly collects can be transferred to other devices using USB, such as small fans and LEDs.

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The Build Your Own Robot-kit

Upgrade your trash into an interactive robot, device or piece of art with BYOR! This set of super simple to use elecrtonics can be easily attached to cardboard, old plastic or even wood. Make a

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Let’s create a new, green generation!

We dream of a world where everyone lives responsibly with their environment. As our environment is increasingly more technological, we believe it is important for everyone to know how this technology works and what the impact can be. We believe technology is a blessing when used responsibly. Instead of trying to change behaviour, we want to start at the core and teach the right mindset straight away, at a young age. We want to do this in the most fun and constructive way possible. By teaching kids the right knowledge and engage them with a fun experience, we believe we can create a new responsible, green generation!

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